Black communities in Canada have diverse experiences and backgrounds which contribute in many ways to the growth, diversity, and development of the country. They continue to grow and break boundaries. However, Anti-Black racism and systemic racism have often made it more difficult for the Black community to gain access to certain resources more easily available to other non-racialized members of the Canadian Society. At Skills for Change through our Black Community Access and Programming (BCAP) department, we would like to do our part in contributing to the Black community. In BCAP, we hope to do that by focusing on the type of access to resources and program offerings that is needed within the Black community.

Emancipation Month 2021

This year is the first time in history that Canada has federally recognized Emancipation Day. Across Canada and in many parts of the world August is recognized as Emancipation Month. Aug. 1, 1834 was the date an act came into effect that ended slavery in the former British colonies, including Upper and Lower Canada. The act freed approximately 800,000 enslaved people of African descent across the colonies nearly 200 years ago.

The City of Toronto has declared August as Emancipation Month, stating “Emancipation Month recognizes the struggle for human rights and the rich contributions made by people of African descent. Recognizing Emancipation Month in August acknowledges an abhorrent period in our history and our ongoing commitment to eliminate discrimination in all forms.

Skills for Change recognizes there is so much work to be done to address the impacts of enslaved people of African decent has had the Black Canadian community, as the roots of systemic Anti-Black Racism. To learn more about Emancipation Month in Toronto, click here

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