May 18, 2022 – Skills for Change’s Official Statement on the Supermarket shooting in Buffalo

Skills for Change condemns the horrific act of targeted violence against the Black community in Buffalo earlier this week.

We know the impact this act of terrorism has had on our Black community of clients, colleagues and community partners, particularly being so close to the Canadian border.

Almost two years after the George Floyd killing and the mobilization that took place in all communities across North America and the world, we are still experiencing a rise in targeted acts of violence towards the Black community, on a daily basis. There is still NOT ENOUGH BEING DONE to end Anti-Black Racism.

We need corporations, employers, decision makers and community to collectively come together to bring in new policies to end gun violence and end white supremacy groups.

Skills for Change is working with our community partners and funders to provide opportunities for the Black community in Canada on leadership and entrepreneurship development, specifically addressing the barriers the Black community face to access and opportunity.

But more needs to be done. We cannot and will not sit back idle. Only through our collective work and continuous attention to this matter, can true mobilization and change happen.

– Surranna Sandy, CEO, Skills for Change

Black communities in Canada have diverse experiences and backgrounds which contribute in many ways to the growth, diversity, and development of the country. They continue to grow and break boundaries. However, Anti-Black racism and systemic racism have often made it more difficult for the Black community to gain access to certain resources more easily available to other non-racialized members of the Canadian Society. At Skills for Change through our Black Community Access and Programming (BCAP) department, we would like to do our part in contributing to the Black community. In BCAP, we hope to do that by focusing on the type of access to resources and program offerings that is needed within the Black community.

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