Women Connecting with Women

This program is open to anyone who is woman-identified.  

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new program called Women Connecting with Women. The program will address the systemic issues of newcomer women who face multi-barriers. The program will provide newcomer women with tools and resources to reduce social isolation, increase self-esteem, increase their networks and build confidence. The program will also provide access to one on one counseling/crisis counseling, support groups, mentoring, language enhancement and life-skills training. The end goal is for newcomer women to feel empowered and to support their social and economic integration in the Canadian Society.

Upcoming Programs:
July Events
  • July 5 at 10 AM – 12 PM – Happiness
    An interactive workshop to reflect on, and to discuss the meaning of happiness (reminding the participants that every person may have their own definition of happiness) and discover/identify healthy ways to improve one’s life satisfaction and emotional well-being.

    REGISTER: https://skillsforchange.org/events/happiness/


  • July 3 at 10 AM – 12 PM – Compassion and Creativity
    This is an interactive workshop including creative activities, in order to help the participants (e.g., women immigrants, new comers & refugees) practice presence and awareness of their thoughts and emotions. The creative activities are designed and will be suggested to enhance healthy ways of expression for women to express their ideas and emotions.                                            REGISTER: https://skillsforchange.org/events/compassion-and-creativity/

June Events

  • June 26 at 10 AM – 12 PM – Self Compassion
    An interactive workshop to discuss common and unique challenges and difficulties that women immigrants, refugees, and newcomers face. The purpose of this workshop would be to support and empower women and to enhance their confidence, through helping them identify and appreciate their own and each other’s skills, strengths, and positive qualities. Finally, the participants will learn to practice more self-compassion and self-acceptance.

    REGISTER: https://skillsforchange.org/events/self-compassion/


  • June 21 at 10 AM – 12 PM – Support Group Session
    This workshop will be held as the first support group session, to promote a safe and supportive environment for women. Women will be invited to share their thoughts and emotions regarding their experience with immigration, adjustment, and integration into the Canadian environment. The goal is to support and empower women and encourage them to empower each other.

    REGISTER: https://skillsforchange.org/events/support-group-session/



  • June 14 at 10 AM – Stress Management Workshop

    Stress Management Workshop will include the following:
    *What is stress?
    *Signs you are experiencing stress
    *Steps of stress management
    *Stress relief techniques and activities
    *Further support services

    REGISTER: https://skillsforchange.org/events/stress-management-workshop/ 


  • June 12 at 10 AM – Settlement Info Session
    The settlement orientation consists of a 30-minute presentation about settlement services available to newcomer women such as Housing, Volunteering, Community services and more! We offer information and guidance on permanent and temporary housing, child care and children’s services, healthcare, government services, legal services, employment training, adult education programs and more. REGISTER: https://skillsforchange.org/events/settlement-info-session/

For more information, please contact wcw@skillsforchange.org