Live for Change

Written by Nelson Briceno
February 2017

What will be different this year?

There’s always a sense of starting fresh on January 1st. We all naturally want to do better at the start of each year, so now is the time to sit back for a moment and do a reality check. It is a scary moment because most of us (including myself), start dreaming and envisioning all the things that we want to accomplish for the New Year.  But first, acknowledging what we did well last year and what we need to improve on this year, is critical for motivating ourselves.

Well, the first thing I will suggest is to start believing in what you are going to plan and do it step by step, whatever it is; drop some weight (I am in that category), find a new job opportunity, or even as simple as having more fun and taking life less seriously, which I have found is the key to success.

Open your eyes to a better life. It may hurt at first, but that’s because the future is so bright. And it is what we need to do to have some faith that no matter what happened before today, we can make a positive change. I understand that sometimes we think that we are trapped and it is like a cycle that we can break down but the good news is, it can be changed if you just look closely into your true essence, who you are and what makes you that special being. It will give you the first guideline to begin positive and building a better life for yourself. Now, go on and do something that makes you feel great; start that cooking course you’ve always wanted to try, write an email to your best friends wishing them a great year, pamper yourself with a nice dinner out or just simply take few minutes to meditate. It will be a great beginning to a better life.

Give 110% each time, and you can ONLY move forward towards your goal, thus reaching it is inevitable. I remember my acting days when a director once said to me, “whatever you choose in life to do, have one life and focus on it” What a wise comment. Since that time whatever I decided to focus on I tried to do giving 110% without excuses. I went through so many obstacles and rocky roads, but just imagining the outcome, it was worthy all the way. I remember my first audition; I wanted to participate in a musical opera rock called, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” When I got inside the theater, around 2000 people were waiting to audition. I boosted my brain and said, “it is more important what you think about yourself than anyone thinks about you” and I had to dance, sing and act, guess what? I got selected and it was an amazing experience! It made me realize that when you really want something to happen, it will happen and no one will stop you. What do you really want to happen this year for you?

Before you start the race, you don’t need to know how far the road is or if it goes uphill or downhill. The target is the finish line, and you will cross it before the day ends. You know what they say – envision the end result, how it will look at the end and stop thinking how long or far will take you to achieve it. Yes, enjoy the journey as well, and plant in your head that you will finished no matter what happened; curious enough, one of the hardest thing I have had to experience, was when I got into a computer system analysis program, everyone was telling me, “are you out your mind?” I remembered to ask for incentive support from a school and they did a test to see if I qualify and the result was, not computer but business or communication. Well, I wanted to study computer program. I worked a survival job, saved the money and paid for the training. We started with 20 people in the class and by the third month half of the people dropped the course, I was so scared and said,” you will continue and will not leave and finish it.” It was the hardest time, but I stayed and finished with 92%… What? Me? Yes I did, and it was the best experience ever. After I conquered that I knew I can do anything I wanted.

As a human, we don’t realize how much power we do have over ourselves and if you find the power within yourself and BE IT, no one will impede you. How do you find the power? Think about that special time when you felt absolutely happy, when you were kind with someone, the last time you say something positive or recognized and amazing skill you have. I feel that power when I smile at others and that person reacts and smiles back on me. Isn’t that simple? Where is your power?

It is a new beginning; the universe is giving you a chance to make a difference in your life, in the life of others, in your present situation. As J. Babington says,” Like a bird spreading their wings, you must open your mind and believe. The wider you spread your wings, the further you will fly.”

I am ready to fly and go places and meet people and do all those things that make me happy and enjoy this amazing life. Are you ready? Let’s fly and enjoy this great moment in our life.


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