Volunteers and the ethos and values that volunteering brings to SfC are hugely important to us. We aim to provide the highest standards of training and support to the volunteers that work alongside SfC staff and value the extra dimension and diversity they bring to our work. SfC looks to recruit a diverse group of volunteers who come from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures and interests with the common bond of being motivated to work with program for immigrants and refugees. We want our volunteers to reflect the communities we are working in. Many of our volunteers remain with us as staff in various capacities.
Our volunteer opportunities include (but are not exclusive to):
  • Board of Directors
  • Events and workshops
  • Employment services
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Web Design / Content Management
  • Research
  • Proposal Writing
  • Mentoring
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Internships, University and College Placements
Volunteering on a tight schedule

If you have ever wanted to make a difference but felt like your schedule was too packed to volunteer, we have great volunteer opportunities that make it convenient and flexible for even the busiest person with a big heart to share their time.

Mentoring takes as little as 1 hour per week over 4 months and can happen anywhere in the city that is convenient for you, online and over the phone.  Our mentoring coaches are great at making sure both you and your mentee have the right tools to put you and your mentee on the right track to success.

Volunteer remotely. Some individuals have chosen to volunteer remotely in order to make life happen while donating their time for a good cause. Whether it’s web or graphic design, policy research or guest speaking as a Skills for Change ambassador at events, we can find a way to maximize the valuable time you give to us.

We have many volunteer opportunities that become available throughout the year. Please contact us to find out how you can volunteer with us.

Volunteer with us