How do Skills for Change staff manage from working from home?

Tips for maintaining good mental health during COVID-19

This is a guest blog post by Eliana Toscani, a marketing volunteer at Skills for Change

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Month, here are some tips from Skills for Change staff on how they are taking care of their health and wellness during these difficult times. These are excerpts from Skills for Change’s Connect Series Podcast where Sampada Kukade, Director of Employer Engagement and Program Marketing interviews  our staff and community about adjusting to our new reality of this global pandemic. 


What steps are you taking to keep good mental health and how are you staying productive?

“I try to schedule my day. When I work, I focus on work. I have different activities planned for after work. I try to be present as much as possible, and practice mindfulness at least 15-20 minutes every day.”

Narges Khazarei, Counsellor for Skills for Change

“I recently discovered Cosmic Yoga and that led me to something called Hot Chai tea training, which I’ve been practicing at home. I’ve lost 6.5 kgs since starting!”

Vijay James, Newcomer Entrepreneurship Hub

“I start by giving thanks, because I believe everything has a purpose in life. I have learned to appreciate the chance to connect with friends and family. I commit myself to enjoy every day and be happy and always stay ON, which means to stay moving, proactive and alert. And lastly, and most importantly, add some humor to my life. Have fun! Laugh!”

Nelson Briceno, Information & Referral Counsellor for Employment Services at Skills for Change.

“I walk everyday and lift weights three times per week. I read a lot and listen to podcasts to keep my mind active. I have a good self-care routine and a grateful and positive outlook on life. I focus on how lucky I am to have my health, my family and my job through this difficult time.”

Surranna Sandy, CEO of Skills for Change.

“It’s a very difficult time for a lot of us. What I do to manage stress is that I listen to music, I watch comedies, and I write down my thoughts. I also started yoga and I am continuing to practice yoga. We have to be optimistic in these times even though we don’t know what the next day will bring.”

Nicky Verdes, Settlement Outreach Worker

“The Balance for Better Wellness sessions have been a way of bringing social interaction back into the office while we’re in isolation. We’ve had meditation sessions, staffers suggest recipes, and discussions with other staffers about how we’re dealing with all this.”

Alyssa Guida, Human Resources Assistant

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