Live for Change

Written by Nelson Briceno
April 2017


Sparkle…Sparkle…No matter what is happening around you!

Do you remember when you were a child and everything you did it was WOW! No matter what was happening around you, there was always something that make you wonder, smile and sparkle. Growing up, I remember Carnival time, I always wanted to dress up in different costumes and portray the costume characters, and it was fun! Most of us have sparkled in so many ways, but the outside environment has molded us and in many cases changed us to the cord.

Many of us just lost that sparkle…but why? I believe that we all have that amazing energy, enthusiasm inside, that fire within. We were created to splash light and live in harmony. What went wrong?

I found the easiest way to get your spark again is focusing in what makes you happy, if you are work, what will make you spark?, when you are helping someone, sharing ideas with your co-workers, bringing new ways to do things effectively, or just bring some humour to everyone to laugh.

If you notice that others look at you strange, or don’t understand why you are so enthusiastic, simply keep going because there will be others that will appreciate you the way you are and those are the people you have to connect with, to inspire you.

A friend told me once that she doesn’t understand why when she tries to do something at work and some people start commenting and making negative statements. Well, maybe they are envious because you have radiated to much light on them. I have a great fable which talks about this emotion.

This fable starts with a serpent that started chasing a firefly. The firefly ran away very quickly full of fear, but the serpent would not stop chasing it. The firefly ran away every time. Tired of running away, one day the firefly stopped and said to the serpent, “can I ask you three questions?” The serpent answered, “It is not my custom to grant wishes to anyone, but because I am going to devour you anyway, you can ask.” Thee firefly asked, “Do I belong to your food chain?” “No, you do not” the serpent responded. “Did I do something bad to you?” “No!” “So why do you want to eat me?”, the firefly asked. “Because I can’t stand to see your spark, you have too much light and bothers me!”, was the serpent’s answer.Many of us we have been involved in this kind of situation before and we ask ourselves, why it is happening to me if I haven’t don’t nothing wrong? Simply, because there are some people that can’t stand see you spark and that you are unique.

Envy is one felling feeling that anyone can have, the things that they envy could be your success your ideas, or simply because you want to make a difference or speak up for your rights; envy will affect you in one of many occasions, but when this is happening to you, never stop, just Sparkle!

Continue to sparkle and they will not able to touch you, because your light will still strong; believe in your strong inner-self because there will someone that will support you, because your legacy will stay, because what you did and will do will stay, whatever is happening.


Let’s create light together! Every morning when you wake up, just say, “I am a light being and I will spread this light to everyone today”



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