Live for Change

Written by Nelson Briceno
June 2017


Scared of Failure? Fear no more!


Failure is part of life. Without it happiness and success can’t be enjoyed. We have to use failure to push us to be better and always stay “ON”. The point is to understand “failure” and how everyone perceives it. For me, failure is necessary to improve areas that I did not see before. It is important to confront it without getting stressed. Sit back, analyze what was wrong and how you can get back stronger and do it again…that is the key.

Forget past mistakes and forget failures. Forget everything except what you are going to do now and just do it. Use the past failures as reference and that way, you won’t make the same mistakes. But, the most important thing is to put all your efforts in the present, in what you are going to accomplish, and enjoy the process.

If you have failed once twice or thrice, then look out for the reasons you fail.

The reason could be anything, may be you started your project late, may be you didn’t give enough time, may be you didn’t research the subject completely, may be one of the subject was weak, or simply you did not have all the support you need to complete the project.

No one can tell you the exact reason and only you will discover the reasons. Many factors can influence the reason you did not do well and it is not motive to punish yourself or feel that it is your entire fault. Maybe if you did not fail, you will never notice that you have better ideas and many different ways to do the same thing, just plan it in a different way.

Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. And most importantly, if it is something that you really want with all your heart and soul. I am working in a big project now; it took me almost six years of wishing, praying, and thinking about the right path to follow. Now, I found the right support team, found the right idea and what I want to do. I am putting all my mind into it and going for it.
Sometimes, after a failure we asked ourselves many questions, could I have stopped it before happened?

The past cannot be changed. But the future is yet in your power. And this is what you want to focus on and put all your motivation in. Bring energy and a big smile, “it is going to work”. Just plan for a better tomorrow, it doesn’t matter how you performed in your past. What matters is how you will perform in your future and if you fall down again, now you are wiser and know what you are going to do. Efforts are never wasted, even when it leads to disappointing results.

It always makes us stronger, more capable & more experienced. After all we are here on this earth to learn and experience what being human is all about. This is the amazing thing to be human and be able to practice what life is putting us through. Let’s celebrate failure and embrace it with open arms because thanks to failure, we can create, modify and do amazing things. Stay calm stay positive.

Next time when you are in the front of failure, just smile and keep going!

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