Live for Change

Written by Nelson Briceno
October 2017


3 things in Life!


There are three things in life that once they pass, they will never come back: these three things are time, our words and opportunities.


Time is one of the things that most of us don’t pay attention to and usually we feel that we will always are going to have it, but if we don’t stop for a moment and realized that this moment, today, now, is the only time we are going to have to enjoy and live, we haven’t understood the concept of time. I confess that I have lost moments in time where I should appreciate and now I wish to go back in time and really enjoy it more. I remember when I was in the theater and I spent a lot of hours with an amazing group of people acting, dancing, performing and I said that time it will never end. It was the foundation of my teens and adult life. Now, when I connect to all of those people and see them working with professional actors, I sit back and remember the time I spent with them and I am glad that I created a great memory that will be timeless in my mind.


Words, how many times have we thought about what you said or not said and whether it can make a big difference in our life or others? Well, whatever we say can change and make a huge impact in our decisions, plans, and life. What about the words that we never said and could it have changed our whole way of present existing? It is so important to speak up and be accountable for what we said to other and ourselves. I learned the importance to tell someone how much you love them, appreciate them, like them. I used to keep it all for myself and I realized that sometimes people you will never see again and you wished to tell them everything you felt. Well, you had your chance and didn’t do it. I remember one time when I told a close friend three words, “you are worthy”, it changed her life forever and she became the woman she wanted to be. Start today and tell how much you care about all those people that are in your life and you appreciate. It feels so good to open up. Right now, I want to tell you that have the power in you to make a big difference in the place you are, work, home, and within in you.


Opportunities, I can spend hours just talking about this subject. One thing that I am proud to say, I have never lost any opportunity that life gives to me, small or big, I take them all. The reason is that opportunities might come along just one time and as someone said to me once, “if you don’t embark on, you will never get dizzy” or “the train just pass ones”. But, many people let opportunities pass because of their insecurities or fears and they realize the chance is gone and will never come back. I believe that when an opportunity knocks your door, it is because the universe sends that to you, take, be brave and go for it! Yes, you will think what if did not work? It is not guaranteed in life, right? I can share with you one of the most important opportunities in my life, picture 1989. I wanted to eat the world, I was doing my passion, acting, dancing, in my dream world but I wanted to fly go to other places and start new experiences. My mother offered me two options, do you want to start in a TV soap opera which she had the connection or you want to go to Canada? I did not think twice and said go to Canada. I am so happy I took that opportunity because change my life for good and since then, I never look back. It is amazing when you decide to grab those opportunities and most important do it with faith that it will go well and vision what you want to happen and plug-in yourself with a positive energy and spread it to the world.


There are 3 things that in life that you never lose: faith, love, and hope!


Someone said that when we are young we do have all the time and the energy in the world, but not money. When we are adults, we have the money, the energy but not enough time and when we are getting older we have the money, the time but not the energy. This is why every moment that we have in life we have to enjoy it, appreciate it and live it to the fullest.


We are celebrating 35 years. It is time to make the big change dear SfC followers and to put into practice everything that we have learned with this simple motivations articles to make our organization the best! Are you ready for the big change?