Packers- Midnight Shift- KIK Custom Products

Posted 1 month ago
Position Summary
Pack and Inspect all Production Line Products.



  • Perform any of the following activities at various levels of speed as directed by the Team Leader:
  • Place empty bottles onto moving conveyor belts.
  • Place sprayers into bottles moving on conveyor belts
  • Pack completed bottles of product into boxes.
  • Place hangtags, sleeves or other promotional items on bottles moving on a conveyor belt.
  • Clean labels or product off of bottles.
  • Empty bottles of product.
  • Pack into shipper’s final products
  • Use L-Bar machine after training when necessary
  • Dump empty bottles out of boxes into hoppers/elevators
  • Be responsible for the final quality of every unit that is placed into a customer’s shipper.  If unsure of the quality standard required, there is a responsibility to check with the Team Leader before packing questionable product.
  • Be responsible for the safety and housekeeping in the immediate work area.  Help to clean up if the packing line stops for any period of time.  Report any unsafe conditions to your Team Leader or Supervisor.
  • Participate in Continuous Improvement activities.
  • Comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Standards, and follow all plant policies and procedures.
  • Must have knowledge of GMP and customer requirements
  • Other related duties as required


  1. Able to visually concentrate and listen intensely for extended periods of time.
  2. Able to stand, sit, lift, bend, crouch, reach consistently for eight hours.
  3. Able to grasp and manipulate a variety of packaging components (i.e. sprayers, bottles, caps)
  4. Must be able to read, write and speak English.
  5. Must be able to work in accordance with Health and Safety and GMP regulations.
  6. Must be able to work overtime where necessary.

Working Conditions:

  • Possibility of working around unpleasant odors.
  • Various temperature changes.
  • Possibility of working around high noise levels, depending on location.
  • Constant interaction with a variety of chemicals and chemical products

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