The Jane-Finch Bridging Education to Employment is a collective initiative that aims to bridge the gap between education and employment, by connecting and empowering youth to influence service providers in the Jane-Finch community in a way that provides sufficient youth voice, representation and influence.

Intended impact: By 2024, 50% of agencies & networks working on improving youth educational outcomes and economic opportunities in Jane/Finch are actively progressing towards meaningful and sustainable youth engagement.

As a collective impact initiative of social service agencies and stakeholder we will focus on:

  • Youth Capacity Building: youth developing a personal capacity and increased knowledge about the community agencies through various means such as youth developing a Jane-Finch youth leadership council
  • Youth Influencing Local Community Agencies and Networks: agencies and networks develop infrastructure to support youth engagement through community and governmental involvement and extending authenticity of youth engagement

Where We Are Now:

The Jane-Finch Bridging Education and Employment (JFBEE) Collective Impact initiative is currently seeking additional partners from youth and youth serving organizations. JFBEE Collective Impact is currently engaged with the following partner organizations: Jane-Finch Family Centre, Black Creek Community Health Centre, and Skills for Change, the initiative’s lead applicant, with funding provided by the Laidlaw Foundation.

What’s Next?

We are currently seeking additional partners from youth and youth serving organizations.

There are two job roles in this initiative specifically for the youth within our target areas of Jane-Finch or other communities within the area. You’ll find details on job postings and how to apply on the right side of the page.

How to get involved:

To get involved, please send us an email to

The JFBEE Youth CI is hiring

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