Live for Change

Written by Nelson Briceno
December 2016


Create your Own Bubble of Happiness

Everybody is telling you to be happy, be positive, and enjoy life. But, the reality no one is telling you how you can be happy, PERKY! In my many years of living in three different countries Venezuela, Spain and Canada, I found out that no matter where you go or live, we, humans still struggling with this simple concept, “Happiness” and the more with read about, listening or talk about it, we still are getting this bad taste of unhappiness.

Well, I will give you the simplest solution on how to start living instead or existing. The word is “PRACTICE”, isn’t that simple? Practice on being happy, positive and proactive. I found that the only way I will move forward and lessen the stress in my life, was to practice every day what I know about happiness. I started making real changes and people around me started perceiving my energy which allowed me to share with them the good news,” yes, you can be happy too.”

Maybe the next question I want to ask you, are you a pessimist or optimist? It is not an easy one if you answer honestly, and many people will say, “I am both” because as humans, we are complex. What the point I want to get across is which area you prefer to be? I decided to be an optimist even when my surroundings were pessimistic or toxic. I decided to have a positive state of mind.

How was I able to do that? Again, very simply by creating a bubble around me that will have all the amazing things I love and enjoy. For instance, those more in the gardening section create a garden inside the bubble with so many beautiful flowers, great temperature. I am more of a sea man, and I put inside an image of the sea, sunshine, corals of many colours, and nice coconut tree. This bubble will be your refuge, a place where you can see from inside the world you are in and protect yourself  from those who are trying to make you miserable, sad, discourage, insecure a never end the list of what our fellows humans do to us in some point in our lives.  In this way, even if you feel that there is nothing you can do, I will give good news; fight back with a positive war. They will say,” you can’t”, you will say, “I have an idea how it can be done”. If you here “NO”, switch it to “ON”. It is not a simple thing to do but the more you practice the more you will find the strength to do it.

Start step by step, just make sure you begin to clean your backyard properly,  in others words, start dusting everything off that until now has been bothering you in your work place, home, with friends and family and ultimately within yourself, which is the most important start point. For instance, I decided to modify some attitudes about me that wasn’t helping me to be in harmony with others and myself, I was a rebel and proud, I felt that if I modify this attitude, I will be vulnerable. I discovered that getting rid of this area of my behavior will make me more down to earth; I will understand others better, it will elevate my inner-spirit and I will feel inner peace, I decided to do it and every day I am so happy that I did. I was able to focus on other areas like how I should do my work with a positive attitude, what to do when I see toxic people around me. You will be able to have a conscience control of all of your moves and attitude and begin to have a better understanding on how to live your daily live.

Make sure that whatever you say, think and feel is coming out in a positive way; yes it is the harder thing to do. I have had to practicing this for years and some days I struggle to maintain this state of being but it is the most amazing experience when you make a habit of it. You might think it is impossible to do, especially with the kind of people and circumstances that we are a dealing every day in our life. Well think of this: impossible= I’m possible. Stop for a second before you think that you are going to say something negative or offensive, a bad comment, bad joke that insult another person. But, if were to happen to you, think for a second and rephrase it in your head. How can I say it in a positive way? No one wants to feel violated and attacked. You can be firm but with courtesy. It is a commitment that you have to make with yourself, “I will not allow myself to sound negative again but a positive.”

Ultimately, always look at the positive side to everything no matter the circumstances or situations, it is much pleasant to say,” everything I did, everywhere I have been, I left a good perception of me as the person that I was able to share good will and positive energy”.

I hope you enjoyed this article and begin to practice in your daily live because you are an amazing human being and deserve to be happy!


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