Hire young talent through the Employing Youth Talent Incentive (EYTI) program and receive financial incentives of upto $2,000 per hire!

This government-funded program will benefit you as an employer to grow your business while investing in youth through creating meaningful job opportunities.

As an employer, you will receive:

  • A signing bonus of $1,000 upon hire and an additional bonus of $1,000 after retaining the hire for six-month
  • Ongoing support for you and your employee in the areas including:
    • Identifying hiring requirements
    • Pre-screening candidates
    • Job Matching services.

In order to qualify, employers must:

  • Small business with less than 100 employees
  • Hire youth for a job with 20+ hours per week
  • Retain the hire for a six month work term for additional incentive
  • License to operate in Ontario and possess workplace safety and liability insurance
  • Comply with workplace, human rights and labour legislation
  • Job opportunities should be in Ontario

In order to qualify, youth must:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or person granted refugee status in Canada;
  • 15-29 years of age
  • Not currently employed full-time or enrolled in full-time studies
  • Must not be presently working or have previously worked for the business which they are being hired for

Want to hire?

For more information, or to apply for the EYTI program, please contact us:

416 658 3101 ex 202

791 St Clair Avenue West Toronto, Ontario M6C 1B7


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