Date(s) - 20/11/2018 - 23/11/2018
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Join Skills for Change for a free 4-day customer service workshop to jump-start your career in customer service!

Join us for a 4-day free training session which will include a Cash Register Hands-on Training from 1;30pm to 4pm from October 23, 2018 – October 26, 2018.

A Certification of Completion will be provided at the end of the program and there will be 2- 4 weeks optional unpaid placement for those who interested in seeking immediate employment in the Retail Industry or related jobs.

Financial Incentive will be provided those who secure employment after going through the program.

– – –

Preparing to work in Customer Service

Day 1

1. Orientation to the program, expectations, responsibilities

2. Getting to know each other DISCUSSION

3. What makes for good customer service? What can make Customer Service BAD? DISCUSS

4. Dealing with Expectations:

– What are the expectations of the employer? DISCUSSION. Some points will be around

Punctuality, Accountability, Team Work, Honesty, Initiative, Dress-code etc

– The customer? DISCUSSION – some points will be: Politeness, helpfulness, good listening skills, knowledgeable, initiative, etc

5. Introduce Job Search Strategies and the art of selling yourself

Day 2

Effective Communication

– How to communicate effectively with both co-workers and customers

– Active Listening

– Asking questions

– Writing reports

– Accountability in our communications

Cross Cultural Communication

– Learn how our own personal backgrounds, culture and expectations can lead to

miscommunications and how to avoid them through greater self-awareness

Resume Writing- Highlighting our strengths- Presenting yourself as a Solution to an employers problem

Day 3

1. Conflict Resolution

– Learn about common causes and ways to resolve conflicts in the work place with:


Co-workers/ Managers

2. Time Management and asking for help

3. Cash register training and the art of giving change

4. Interview Strategies

Day 4

1. Mock Interview common questions

2. Placements

To register for our services please contact us at 416-572-0490

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