Become a mentor or guest speaker through our Mentoring for Employment workshops

Mentoring has proven to be an effective way for newcomer clients to understand industries and meet like-minded individuals to support their employment journey. Mentor immigrants and job seekers through one-to-one mentoring and/or onsite mentoring events.

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Host exclusive events with our corporate partners to develop and enhance the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and connections labour force need to transition into the world of work. Employers can participate in mentorship programs of newcomers and become members of the industry-specific program advisory committees

Benefits of mentoring include:
1. Share the support and inspiration you have received
2. Increased opportunities to develop leadership skills
3. Build your professional network
4. Contribute to the future of your field or industry by assisting the next generation of leaders

Become a guest speaker for an industry-specific workshop or as part of our Working In Series. The Working in Series (WIS) by Skills for Change is a panel series that provides participants with the opportunity to learn from the expertise of professionals and employers in their career field of interest. Various panelists across chosen sectors share valuable insights that will help attendees become more knowledgeable in their field.

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