Skills for Change is offering a 10-week Data Analytics Program for individuals who are interested in developing their career in the data analytics field, thanks to the support from TD Bank Group.

Are you a mid-career professional? Do you want to start your career in Data Analytics?

The Data Analytics Program is designed for mid-career individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in data analytics. This 10-week training and mentorship program will provide learners with the necessary theory and hands-on skills with the objective being to identify and solve business problems, source data, analyze data, interpret data, and visualize data towards meaningful results. Instruction in R and Python programming will be provided, and participants will be able to upload a dataset, clean the data and present the output. Moreover, trainees will have the opportunity of getting mentorship guidance and support to prepare themselves for post-training employment opportunities and navigation skills.

Key topics will include:

  • Introduction to Business Data Analytics
  • Statistics for Analytics
  • Programming for Analytics
  • Data Management, Manipulation, and Big Data
  • Storytelling and Data Visualization
  • Ethical Considerations in Data Analytics
  • Week 1: Introduction to Business Data Analytics
  • Week 2: Introduction to Tools and Programming for Analytics
  • Week 3: Introduction to Statistics
  • Week 4: Advanced R and Python Programming
  • Week 5: Advanced R and Python Programming
  • Week 6: Storytelling using Data (Data Visualization)
  • Week 7: Ethics and Values in Data Science
  • Week 8: Capstone Project
  • Week 1: How to identify the business problem, source data, analyze and interpret the results
  • Week 2: How upload a dataset, clean the data and present the output
  • Week 3: Statistics and statistical methods and how to calculate the output and demonstrate the results
  • Week 4: Advanced analytics functions with programing and advanced data calculations
  • Week 5: Basics of storytelling using data visualization tools
  • Week 6: Hands on with analytics tools – MS Excel, SPSS, R, or Python programming
  • Week 7: Project Work
  • Week 1: R Programming
  • Week 2: Python Programming
  • Week 3: Tableau Desktop
  • Week 4: Tableau Prep Builder
  • Week 5: SPSS
  • Week 6: MS Excel
  • Learn methodologies, processes, applied skills, and technologies related to data
  • Gain hands-on skills in data analytics and a competitive edge.
  • Gain certification in data analytics accredited with a professional organization.
  • Find meaningful job in accordance with their skill levels.

In addition, there will be:

  • Employment counselling, career coaching and mentorship support.
  • Opportunities to participate in different employer-led workshops and networking
    events, as well as job-retention and career advancement coaching.
  • Mid-career professional individuals who are interested in developing a career in the data analytics field
  • Permanent residents, Convention Refugees
  • Minimum work experience of 1 year
  • English language proficiency: CLB 5 higher or IELTS 5 and higher
  • Currently unemployed (working less than 20 hrs a week) and not participating in full-
    time training or education.
  • Education: basic understanding of data analytics and Microsoft Excel.
  • Currently enrolled under Employment Ontario (EO) supported programs or eligible to be
    enrolled at the Skills for Change (SfC) EO programs.
  • Age: 16 and above

The next cohort is scheduled for July 4, 2022.

Please contact to confirm your eligibility and registration for the program.

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