Course Overview

SAP is a very desirable skill in today’s job market in most positions in the companies. This course addresses all the aspects of the SAP module that a person may come across at a job in a company. It is very intensive and every effort is taken to impart fullest value to the student. The entire course material has been developed on the exact real system so that the student is able to relate to it a lot better. It makes learning easier for the student following the concept of WYSIWL – What you see is what you learn.

We welcome auditing student.*

* Provided there is space available on the first class, undecided students may join the first half of class to observe. Please contact us to schedule in advance.

Content Topics:

  • Introduction And General Navigation
  • Organizational Structure In FI
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Customers And Vendor Masters And Their Relationships With FI
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Material Master And it’S Relationship With FI
  • Goods Issue And it’S effect On Accounting
  • Billing
  • Goods Receipt And it’s Effect On Accounting
  • Invoice Receipt
  • Payment Run
  • Dunning Customers
  • Profit Center Accounting
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Consolidation And Reporting
  • Financial Statement Version
  • Tables In Sap
  • Queries In Sap

About the Course

Classes are held in a Classroom or Computer Lab.


  • Certificate of Completion
  • Tax Receipt Form for tuition fees for courses taken in the calendar year. To qualify, the fees must be more than $100 for the year.

About the Instructor

Yogesh Kalra, MBA, University of Toronto has over 21 years of experience in SAP plus over 8 years of experience in Business. He is also an author of several books on various areas in SAP. In the teaching of the course, he integrates actual work scenarios with SAP training to provide a real world understanding of SAP hands on the system. He has worked with Big 4 consulting and multiple blue chip companies on multiple projects across the continent and Europe.

Next Session:

April 23, 2022 | Toronto Central
Saturdays | 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. (7 weeks, 38 hours)

star1star1star1star1star1 – Former Student

“I want to thank my instructor for inspiring me to practice at least in the weekends, so that everything I learnt would be pretty fresh in my mind. I had just an idea of what SAP means during the class, but the real SAP is learned in real life. Thank you Yogi for pushing all of us to practice. I was able to get a job in SAP close to my home on finishing the course. SAP is not an easy software, but it is not hard either, it’s just practice! And another very important point… I have done a lot of software courses and all were done at Skills for Change. It’s very important for every employers, who recognize governmental institutions!”

star1star1star1star1star1 – Former Student

“The instructor’s teaching, encouragement, and friendship really made a difference for me. After one month looking for jobs, I was offered two positions! I will pursue my SAP.”