The Black Youth Action Plan STEM Project, is an afterschool program designed to empower and support Black youth in underserved communities in Toronto who are interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). 

The project is part of the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism’s Black Youth Action Plan (BYAP), which aims to increase opportunities and reduce barriers for Black youth in the Greater Toronto Area.

Benefit from:

  • Developing connections with other youth in a safe space
  • Free STEM training and develop foundational industry skills
  • Free Mental Health support
  • Mentoring and networking events to build community connection
  • Hands-on experimental activities, such as coding, day trips, digital creation, STEM sports activities and many more
  • Free TTC transportation coverage

The project is Funded by Ministry of Citizenship & Multiculturalism, Supported by Imhotep Legacy Academy, & Supported by Laurentian Bank of Canada

  • Hybrid format (in person with optional virtual sessions)
  • 12-Week duration; 2-6 hours per week commitment (hours vary per week)
  • Mental Health workshops
  • Anti-Black Racism Discussions
  • Career Pathway Development 
  • Youth Conference Networking event

Program Dates

  • Spring Program (April 22nd 2023 – July 15th 2023) York University Campus – Toronto West
    Thursdays 5:30pm-7:30pm & Saturdays 10am-2pm
  • Summer/Fall Program (August 2023 – October 2023) – Toronto East
  • STEM Sports: Understanding how to apply the physics, mathematics, and law of motion in associated with all sports including; Basketball, Football, Boxing, ect
  • Aerospace: The Dynamics of Flight & Science
  • Environment: Exploring Biomedical and Sustainability
  • Technology: The Digital World
  • Space: Forces and Motion Gravity
  • Identify as a Black persons
  • Youth ages 14-18
  • Resides in or around the Greater Toronto Area & Hamilton
  • Must have interest in STEM and personal development

Register for our March 23 Info Session below!

Do you have experience in the STEM Industry or STEM studies? Interested in becoming a Youth Mentor?

In this role you will be matched up with 1-3 youth participants that have an interest in the STEM industry related to your STEM expertise. You will guide, motivate and provide additional tips to the youth as they explore the potential for their STEM career.

You would need to attend the STEM Mentor Virtual Orientation

Thursday April 6th 6pm-7:30pm


  • Must be available for 1-3 hours per week
  • Must be willing to meet virtual (optional for in-person)
  • Vulnerable Police Record Check required
  • Ability to work with Black community
  • Have an understanding of anti-Black racism and situations of the Black community in Canada

See the link to the position description and application form

Black Youth Action Plan (BYAP) STEM After-School Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Skills for Change?
Skills for Change (SfC) is a Toronto based non-for profit organization. SfC has developed a cohesive approach to enhancing and expanding programs and services to meet the critical and emerging needs of our current client base – with emphasis on increasing services to youth, women and seniors.

What is BYAP?
The project is part of the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism’s Black Youth Action Plan (BYAP), which aims to increase opportunities and reduce barriers for Black youth in the Greater Toronto Area. The program is a free 12- week program that provides youth access to STEM training, Anti-Black racism workshops, mental wellness workshops and career pathway development.
This program will be instrumental in introducing Black youth to STEM thereby helping them venture into a field in which there is very little diversity. Being part of STEM also means being involved in shaping the future of technology that is crucial for the society’s growth and evolution. SfC is giving that platform for 120 Black youth to dream for a career in STEM and helping them realize their dream through training and mentorship. This program will be ongoing as continued effort to support Black youth is crucial for them to get into these high priority sectors that will benefit from better representation from racialized groups.

Will this program be in-person or virtual?
The program will be in person, and can be accommodated to be virtual if weather concerns arise.

What days of the week will the program be running?
For the spring cohort the program will run from April 22nd 2023-July 15th 2023. It will be held on Thursday evenings 5:30pm-7:30pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm. Depending on the weeks and when trips are scheduled on saturday, drop off and pick up times will vary. Each week will focus on a different STEM module.

Is there a limited amount that can register for the program?
Yes, we are accepting a maximum of 50 participants for the spring cohorts. There will be a waiting list if spots are filled.

My child is turning 14 in a few months, can I still register them?
Yes, if your child will be turning 14 years old within this year of 2023, we will accept them as a participant. Please ensure you are inputting the correct date of birth.

Where will the program be held?
The spring cohort will be held at York University from April-July. There will be a new location for the fall cohort. Official details of the room location and drop of points are provided in our information sessions and orientation day.

The distance is quite far, do you provide transportation support?
Yes, we do provide transportation support. We will provide bus tokens to individuals taking transit. We do not provide gas reimbursement for those who have reliable transportation.

Will there be staff on onsite during the program?
Yes, there will be two Youth workers present at the time of the program, who are certified and trained to interact with youth.

Will food be provided?
Occasionally, snacks will be provided. However, it is strongly encouraged to bring your own lunch/snacks to the sessions.

Are volunteer hours provided?
No, this is not a community service program. Volunteer hours will not be provided. However, our employment service team can assist in connecting you to STEM volunteer opportunities.

Will I need to bring any equipment/materials?
No, you will not need to bring any additional materials unless requested.

What will the mentors do?
The mentors will be assigned to 1-3 participants, based on similar interests and/or the STEM industry. They will provide additional tips, motivation, guides and many more. If you are matched up with a mentor that you don’t fit well with, you can always be switched.

I don’t have any mental health issues, why do I need to do mental health workshops?
Everyone has mental health the same way everyone has physical health. When we take a physical education class it teaches us new things about our bodies and how to prevent potential injuries or be aware of symptoms that can lead to an injury. Taking a mental health workshop is just like that! It teaches us new things about our mental health, increases our awareness, and educates us on how to be aware of symptoms that can lead to mental health concerns. The mental health workers in our STEM program are not here to diagnose a problem but educate, while building community for Black mental health and well-being.

How can participants register for the program?
The participants can register by using the google form link to submit their interest. Once received a Skills for Change Youth worker will follow up within 2-3 business days.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Samara Brown at